Here are the answers and suggestions to the most frequently asked questions about features, installation problems, usage and more about the app. If you have any, please don’t hesitate to submit your query to us. We would love to hear from you.

Bandzilla is the ultimate Musician social networking app, connecting Musicians worldwide. If you sing, play instruments or produce music and can't seem to connect with the right Musicians... Bandzilla is for you!

Because It's created by musicians for musicians!


If you are a solo singer or play some musical instruments you can do many things with Bandzilla. You can connect with other musicians near you, share your talent by uploading photos and videos, chat with other musicians, plan for concerts and gigs. You can also create your own band or follow other bands. Ofcourse Its all about networking.

If you already have a band you can still connect with other musicians. You can create your Band's profile on Bandzilla and connect with your followers. You can share and promote your music, gig, or events through Bandzilla. You can also invite your other Band members on your Band profile.

Nope you don't need Facebook account to create Bandzilla account. You just need an email address to create Bandzilla Account. Just click on register button on login screen if you don't have Facebook.

There are several method to submit your feedback or issue you are having.

  1. If you are logged in to your app you can send feedback through support page. You will find link for support page on sidebar of the app.
  2. If you don't have access to the app you can write your feedback or issue at [email protected]

Logout is just simple. Go to your profile. You will see setting gear icon with your name. Click on that gear icon. And it will take you to the setting page with your profile picture. You will find logout button in red color in same page. Just press it. Please contact us if you have other questions.

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